​Chasing Things

Oh the irony of searching all around for a someone or something to ease the isolation and make me feel complete and all along God walked right beside me.

Choose Wisely 

In faith, we can tell our mountains to move. Jesus implores for us to forgive recklessly, pray unceasingly and boldly demand in faith that your “problems” get out of our way.

For Tuesday!

Some days, life feels more like existing and languishing in the sin and depravity of the day. And though for no particular reason other than, my eyes opened…

Today I am filled with gratitude.

For Tuesday.

Dating, Faith & the Nonnegotiable!

I looked over through heavy eyes at the young man who shared my face and said, though I’m not sure from where, “he’s not healthy for me.” Then more to myself than aloud, “I don’t want this.” To which he replied… “And you don’t have to, that’s why you have your own house!” Those words went right through me! He’d given the sermon, it was time to collect the offering.