Reconcile & Respire – What?

RE is a journey to wholeness through courage, shared stories, poetry, coaching, art and encouragement. The recovery community say’s “we are only as sick as our secrets”. The cat’s out of the bag we’ve all struggled. We’ve all felt low, disconnected, unlovable but we walk around like perfection is achievable and emotions are weakness.

I proffer that we dare to be courageous and bold. Pull back the covers on fitting in and dare to stand out. Be bound in our shared weakness and connected through shameless scars. When we move past the “correctness” of being and a proper life we miraculously open up room to live, love, be refilled and even spill over for others to heal via your broken nectar.

So Reconcile and Respire? Really? Actually yes. 20171124_161922I spent so many years feeling disconnected, depressed and afraid. When we re-member from that which we come, we are free to return: Reconcile. When we stop running from the Divine within and face the totality of who we are; flawed, fractured beings carrying within wisps of the Divine. We can finally stop and breathe: Respire.

It is my hope that we walk along together and re-member who we are and to whom we belong. If I carry the Divine within, then I too am a Divine being capable of love, healing, kindness and restoration of every shoulder I touch. It is my prayer that these stories will fall on your spirit like a breath of fresh air.

I’m still learning. Just beginning to know myself… Aren’t you a little curious about who you are, who you really are. Each of us has a calling on our life. Freedom comes in the surrender.

Come on home Lost One… And Breathe!20171124_161904


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