For Tuesday!

Dear God,

Thank you for a beautiful Tuesday. This morning when I opened my eyes, I was humbled by the notion that today was not promised and that there were many who closed their eyes for the last time on yesterday. Some days, life feels more like existing and languishing in the sin and depravity of the day. And though for no particular reason other than, my eyes opened…

Today I am filled with gratitude.

For Tuesday.


I am grateful that my limbs move unencumbered and though my knee clicks, it snaps into order and carries me still. My body a veritable masterpiece of science and biology slumbered peacefully and arose restored and refreshed. The brilliant ball in the sky greeted me with fervent shining and warmth unlike any other. I breathed deeply and took in completely this brand new day.

I searched my home and all was in order. My family though battle weary are present and accounted for. Thank you God that the circle remains unbroken. I opened a room filled to overflowing with choices on how to gird my loins and adorn my flesh. I bowed grateful head to an ever-present creator, yielding my heart and time to him. Opening devotions that imparted knowledge and planted wisdom. I walked out of my home, greeted by gleefully singing birds and dancing trees to the melodic symphony of the wind. I found my world unmarred by the danger and threats that seem to press in on every side. My vehicle purred to life and brought me safely along the road to work.

Without any assistance from me, my heart kept right on beating, lungs kept on respiring, blood kept right on flowing, the water kept being wet, the air kept right on being refreshing, trees kept on growing, and the sun kept right on shining. Without me lifting a finger of assistance, the tide continued its ceaseless ebb and flow, flowers kept on perfuming, the stars kept right on twinkling, earth kept on spinning and the righteous kept right on praising… I would then be remiss in my earthly duty to not join in that great litany. How could I dare to refuse to honor the father of all creation with the very breath he gave me? So my soul, hardly contained within burst forth with praise.


Lord I thank you for it all, big and small, seen and unseen, acknowledged and ignored. My brown skin and full lips, my soft flesh and strong back, my stubborn spirit and my willing heart. Father I thank you. For earth, sky, sun and sea. For grace, mercy, compassion and salvation. Thank you God for every single blessing. If you never do another thing for me, you’ve already done and been more than enough. Lord my gratitude lives on my lips, in my heart, via my gifts and through my walk. In EVERYTHING you get all the glory.

So for an ordinary…. Amazing, phenomenal, blessed, beautiful Tuesday… That the world has never seen and will never be again. I say simply… Thank You.


Your Daughter


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